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We are prone to render optimal services to our trainees. Our highly skilled professionals train people by intensive training sessions & powerful techniques. Our team will make sure for you to be aware of ethical responsibilities while dealing with clients who feel particularly vulnerable. Our team will teach you how to have a compassionate attitude towards your customers and will also instruct you the ability to guide your customers, by translating Lunar interpretations into involving and rhetoric in a way customers can understand.

Career Advice

You want to have an expertise to interpret career aspects? Here we have the world class trainers that will provide you with all the information with a delicate balance of skills and sensitivity needed to guide your customers in making their choices. We provide you with insight training and focus with clarity for your customers struggling with their careers. RED PRODUCTIONS conduct identified training for the potential people and gave advisory for the clients on how to overcome any barriers to reaching their goals.


Our trainers have extrasensory and extended perception to understand your life and events happening. We train our Readers to have a clear , focused and accurate approach with a lot of practical considerations through which they entertain each client by explaining customer’s life events through extraordinary spiritual insight. We train people who are pure naturals with top notch accuracy and empathy.

Tarot Reader

If you have a keen interest in mysteries and the unknown excites you, We train people who can snapshot one’s life by tuning into their energies. We teach readers to provide the true picture of unseen influences, patterns of behaviors, obstacles and strengths. Our versatile trainers will instruct you best with the psycho-spiritual abilities. Moreover, RED PRODUCTIONS offer grounds and promote Tarot Reading as a professional and responsible subject.

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A Powerful Dashboard where members can see all their working performance history with graphs as well they can Verify their Identity, Screening, Address, Bank Account, mobile number and much more with few clicks away.


Members can approve/decline their upcoming pay slips along with History of all coming Invoices.

Top Readers

Members can view the toppers of each month e.g. Top 5 Members-Feedbacks-Longest-Chats

Service Request

Members can request letter's and other request directly from the RED-Portal.


Members can view their current level of Zone & all previous zone history.


Members can stay tuned with what is going on in the community as well latest Alerts & Tips.

Live Customer Support

Members can contact Support Desk instantly via live chat with world class latest advance chatting functionality.

red portal
  • star RED Portal is a customized portal for our employees where they can go through & update their Employee and Customer profile,
  • star Employee can have access to their monthly statistics, We have our proximate digital verification system in Portal for Email, Address, and Bank Accounts respectively.
  • star The employee can access their monthly pay slips.
  • star Moreover, Zone history updates on the basis of their performance.
  • star All necessary news, tips, and blogs are also there to keep our Employees engage in current updates.
  • star Our Active live customer support is also integrated into the RED Portal where they can ask queries 8/7 (11am to 7pm).

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Employee Verification employee verification

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Our Mission

We believe passionately in the power of ideas to change attitude, lives, and ultimately the world. Everything we want is out there waiting for you to ask. Everything you want also wants you. But you have to take action to get it.

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